Confocal laser microscope

 Carl Zeiss LMS700 set up in March 2010. It is an inverted differential interference binocular microscope equipped with a 2D motorized scanning stage. It can independently oscillate four types of lasers from a semiconductor laser. It has two spectroscopic detectors and a transmitted light detector, enabling a wide array of analyses and data acquisition.

Particle gun

 PDS1000/ He (BioRad) enables simple and quick transient analyses of target genes. Combination with a confocal laser microscope enables to analyze intracellular localization of target gene products.

DNA sequencers

Three DNA sequencers have been set up. One of sequencers is ABI3500, which enables the fragment analysis, as well as the determination of nucleotide sequences within 5 hours for 96 samples.

In vitro Plant cultivation rooms

 There are five In vitro Plant cultivation rooms (total area, approximately 110 m2). These spaces are available for maintenance of host plants and regeneration of transgenic plants. There are 25 racks have been placed.

Plant growth rooms

 There are 12 plant growth rooms (total area, approximately 250 m2). Transgenic plants can be grown under different day lengths or temperature conditions. Total 65 racks and two seedling terraces have been placed.

Plant incubators

 These are used to grow transgenic plants, enabling the analysis with various responses of plants in accordance with the growthconditions. This individually allows the setting of the growth condition, for instance the temperature, light intensity, and day length. There are 25 incubators such as TOMY CS305 and NKSystem BioTRON. Five incubators were newly introduced in March 2010.

Isolated fields

 There are two isolated fields with 17 partitions. The total area is 1215 m2. These are designed for field assessment of transgenic plants. It is possible to conduct field evaluations of transgenic plants under controlled cultivation conditions. In these fields, the first experiment of Type I Use was performed that was conducted under the auspices of the MEXT, and total six events on transgenic trees have been evaluated.

Special netted-house

 There are seven wings of special nettedhouse for practically evaluating transgenic plants. Total floor area is 855 m2. They can be separately used depending on the cultivation conditions of plants. One special nettedhouse with a height of 10 m, configured for trees, is suitable for cultivation of taller plant species. These are facilities for Type II Use near a practicable condition.