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Themes of Research

3.Transformation Technology Research Division

Research Area

 This research division focuses on i) the development of new transformation technique for higher plants and ii) generation of new GM crops with a high added value. We support analyses of the transformants introduced a gene of interest derived from plants, microorganisms, and animals. We aim to extend the possibility and the utility of transformation technology in plant through the joint researches with outside researchers including private businesses.


  1. Development of an efficient transformation technique for a crop and an effective regulation technology   of gene expression in plant
  2. Generation of a new GM crop with new added values such as an accumulation of a useful material,   high yield, disease resistance and cultivation/processing suitability
  3. Evaluation of the biosafety and characteristics of the GM crops


 Joint usage/research in this division provides technical supports for the development of techniques of transformation and regulation of gene expression in various crops, and also supports for a basic analyses of the transgenic plants.